Music Discovery Trends Of 2018



Music discovery is the holy grail of the music business, as it develops a new fan base for artists and bands with the exposure. At one point in time, most discovery came mostly from radio, with a little bit of print advertising aimed at both consumers and retailers thrown in. In today’s digital age, radio still plays a part, but that’s decreasing in importance as most consumers, especially those interested in new music, move online.

Here’s an interesting infographic from the music promotion company Burstimo that culls data from both Google Trends and the IFPI Music Consumer Insight Report that provides a look at where the fans consume their music. I must admit that I question some of the results here (especially the one about 85% of YouTube users using the platform for music consumption), but if nothing else, it shows that YouTube is still a big player in music distribution and that more and more people are willing to pay to access music.

Music tourism, a strange and unfamiliar term in India until only a few years ago, is now a massive phenomenon that’s only getting more popular, thanks to a thriving music scene and young consumers eager to have new experiences.

As the travel industry gears up for yet another year of exciting developments, music tourism seems to be the buzzword in 2018, topping all travel trends across the globe.

In India or elsewhere, music festivals are not just limited to music; the idea behind these is to sell an experience, and the more unconventional the experiences, the better. Music tourism and festivals are not only a great way for independent artists to showcase their talents, but also help bring tourists to new destinations and boost local employment.

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